Elevation Training Mask 2.0. Does it Work?

Track season has started, so everyone, including me, wants to maximize their speed and stamina. I am a 400 meter runner so both speed  and stamina are extremely important to my race. One of the tools I have Started training with is the elevation training mask 2.0. I am still doing my normal workout and cardio, but I put on the mask. I can safely say. . . It works. After using it for only a week I am already noticing a difference in my overall endurance.

The training mask simulates higher elevations by reducing the amount of oxygen finding its way into your lungs. This forces you  to take deeper, fuller breaths. You can adjust the elevation by rearranging the air resistance caps. The mask is sized based on your weight, but any sized sleeve will fit any sized mask.

I bought the “Black Out” mask for $80 at Academy. you can also order them from their website at   https://www.trainingmask.com/      I highly recommend you get one.


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