The BEST Cardio For Any Athlete

A lot of times guys get really excited about building there guns and benching 250 that they don’t make any time for cardio. And that makes sense, Its not fun and if you are already low on fat then you won’t see results. But it is still important, because whether it’s the fourth quarter, the home stretch of a 400, or you play a lot of minutes, you will need to work your cardiovascular system.

So, how do you do this? the best way to burn fat, build endurance, and build a little strength while your at it is. . . Swimming.

“But dude, I don’t want to scare off other people from working out, my guns are too big.” Get over yourself, you’ll thank me later.

Swimming is the best cardio because, for starters, it won’t tear up your joints. when you run (you need to be running too, but I’m not talking about that) your knees are being pounded with your body weight every time you step. In swimming you don’t get that.


Reason number two- It works your whole body. swimming works cardiovascular, biceps, triceps, pectorals, lats, quads, hamstrings, trapezius, shoulders, and a little bit of glutes. the only thing it doesn’t work is calves. calves will cramp though because your toes are always pointed.

S_big_EPA_Swimming_Kings-99wimming will also, as I said before, build strength. If you look at any swimmer, you’ll notice broad shoulders, massive chest, and low body fat. I swim A LOT, and I bench 150% of my body weight.

lastly, It’s just more fun. you don’t get sweaty, you don’t stink, and you get to relax in the hot tub with the babes afterwords.



Supplements might be the most controversial topic in the athletic field. Of all the supplements I’m going after the mack daddy, creatine. With all of my expereince, my recommendation is. . . Don’t take it.

Now if you’re an adult, you need to make decisions for yourself, nobody knows your body as well as you. Creatine definatly works to build muscle fast, but thats exactly the issue.

When you are young your body is constantly changing every day. If you speed up the process unnaturaly, there could be complications later on in life. The side affects of creatine include stomach pain, nasua, diahreea, and cramping. On top of this, creatine is very highly reseached, but there are virtually studies done with people under 18.

If you start taking cratine you will start gaining muscle faster than your body is used to. eventualy you might get too big for your sport. this could cause you to get slow and you might move to a position you don’t want.Creatine_healthvist

If you are over 18 then you need to make the call. Nobody knows your body better than you and if you think the benefits out-weigh the risk, then by all means take it. Be sure to do your reseach on every brand. This is something you will put in your body that will drasticaly change it, it is no time to go cheap. I don’t use creatine so I can’t recommend anything but there are countless other people who can.

BUT, not all supplements are evil, here are some I recommend.

Protein Shake- I use Muscle Milk, but you can use whatever you want. It is important you get enough calories and protein in your diet to build muscle.

Pre Workout- I don’t use a pre workout, but if you need an extra boost, this is the way to go.

MultiVitamin- Before you put anything in your body you need to be sure you are getting the basics. A multivitamin is the best way to get there.

download (1).jpg

The bottom line is, if your going to takea supplement be sure you know what your putting in your body.