My Mission Statement

While I was searching for ways to maximize my workout results I realized no one had anything for athletes my age. I am going to change that. Five days a week you can check this website for the ultimate tips that are just right for your body. From best exercises to best way to perform them, you can find just about anything here.

My site focus’s on athletes for football and track. I play basketball too, but it’s not my primary sport so I wouldn’t trust my opinion. I will help you get bigger, faster, and stronger by getting you in the weight room. The weight room is the great equalizer in this world and you beat people in the game of life by getting in it. If the weight room makes you equal, your work ethic and your mind will cause you to come out on top.

The things you will find on my blog are all based on science and my personal opinion. I will test everything I talk about and will never ask you to do anything that I can’t. If you follow the advice on my site then you’re going to get jacked like this guy.