How to Jump Higher

No matter what sport you play, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer or table tennis, jumping higher is going to help you beat the competition. Dunking can hype up your team and the crowd, jumping up and grabbing a deep ball can score a touchdown, or spiking the ball down all requires you to jump higher. The best way to jump higher is to increase your explosion in the weight room.

Jumping uses your quads, hamstring, calves, hip flexors, and glutes. So obviously to increase your vertical you need to work these areas, but a lot of it is also technique in your arms. I don’t teach technique, you can ask someone else about that, but what I can do is make you get stronger and more explosive.

Squats- squats mainly work you quadriceps and your glutes. If you want to increase your jump (which you obviously do) you need to do lots of weight and not very many reps. You also want to be explosive in your squat, you should almost be jumping. I would do 5 reps of 80% of your max.

Box Jumps- box jumps won’t work your muscles as much as squats, but what it does do is work more explosion and teaches you to utilize your arms.

Standing calve raises- Again lots and lots of weight. You should shoot up fast and come down under control.

Hip Flexors- a lot of people overlook, including me. So here’s an article written by

Hamstrings-  Lying leg curls and deadlift work very well to build hamstrings.