Box Jumps: The Ultimate Exercise to Increase Your Vertical

Your vertical helps you every in any sport you will ever play. Whether you’re dunking on the basketball court, spiking a volleyball, jumping over a safety to make a catch, or doing jumping events on the track, jumping higher will always give you the edge. The best exercise to jump higher is without a doubt a box jump. Not only does it work every muscle jumping requires, but its great cardio to keep your body fat down.

Your bimagesox needs to be high. Mine is a little bit less than half of my height (It comes to my upper thigh). I do 3 sets of 15 repetitions. your reps need to be fast to be sure you increase your explosion, which is all jumping is.


After doing this exercise for 4 weeks my vertical has improved by a lot inches.




5 Lifts that EVERY Linebacker Needs to do

As a linebacker, I can tell that the biggest difference maker in level of play is not size or strength, but ferocity. The ability to intimidate your opponent is one of the most important jobs of a linebacker. While being big helps to be intimidating, these lifts will set your game to the next level.


You obviously still need to do bench press and squat but i’m going to assume you already knew that.

1. Dumbbell Flyes- Building a monster chest is the most intimidating thing that any human can do. But a chest will help with much more than just that. Strong pectoral muscles will help you to plug holes at the line of scrimmage and get off of blocks. It will also help you to force more fumbles because you are able to generate more pushing power.

2. Hang snatch/clean- This exercise might be the best thing to build explosion. This will help you to improve your coordination, grip-strength, and hard-hitting ability. Be sure that you come of the ground to work the most explosion possible.

3. Medicine Ball Workouts- I am going to be very broad with this one, but that is only because every medicine ball exercise works exactly what a vicious linebacker needs. It will train your ferocity by throwing it around, but also train explosion.

4. Rowing Machine- The rowing machine is a total body cardio exercise that will also train explosion. The cardio is very important to stay in shape and to maintain speed, and also to train your endurance for late game clutch moments.

5. Farm and Swing- This exercise will help to teach your body to sink your hips when you tackle. You should use a heavy kettle ball to simulate lifting a ball carrier off the ground, but be sure you can get in at least 8 reps.

If you implement these exercises into your workout then you are going to strike fear into the hearts of ball carriers everywhere.

How to Jump Higher

No matter what sport you play, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer or table tennis, jumping higher is going to help you beat the competition. Dunking can hype up your team and the crowd, jumping up and grabbing a deep ball can score a touchdown, or spiking the ball down all requires you to jump higher. The best way to jump higher is to increase your explosion in the weight room.

Jumping uses your quads, hamstring, calves, hip flexors, and glutes. So obviously to increase your vertical you need to work these areas, but a lot of it is also technique in your arms. I don’t teach technique, you can ask someone else about that, but what I can do is make you get stronger and more explosive.

Squats- squats mainly work you quadriceps and your glutes. If you want to increase your jump (which you obviously do) you need to do lots of weight and not very many reps. You also want to be explosive in your squat, you should almost be jumping. I would do 5 reps of 80% of your max.

Box Jumps- box jumps won’t work your muscles as much as squats, but what it does do is work more explosion and teaches you to utilize your arms.

Standing calve raises- Again lots and lots of weight. You should shoot up fast and come down under control.

Hip Flexors- a lot of people overlook, including me. So here’s an article written by

Hamstrings-  Lying leg curls and deadlift work very well to build hamstrings.

How to Get to the NFL


“If sized mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.”- Rickson Gracie

I don’t care who you are, we have all dreamed making it to the NFL. Maybe your a basketball guy and you want to make the NBA, or your fast and you want to go to the Olympics, but the point is, everyone wants to be a professional athlete.

But how do you get there? I’m not a small dude, but I’m not a freak of nature like other people are. I haven’t been blessed to be 6’2″ 250, so how do I compete with those guys. The answer is the weight room.

I can tell you from personal experience how much the weight room helped me, like how I got a lot faster and can jump a lot higher and went from average strength to the 2nd strongest at my school, but why would you want to listen to me? So here are some actual NFL players, who would be average Joes without the weight room.


So lets talk about JJ Watt. So this guy is huge, but have you seen him in the weight room. on top of his crazy work with weights Watt is on a 9000 calorie diet and gets 10 hours of sleep. With his work ethic its no surprise he made the NFL, but without the weight room, I am willing to bet he would weigh less than 200 pounds. Check out JJ Watt do triceps here

James-Harrison-Sweatsuit-STACK.pngJames Harrison is 6 feet tall, which is tall but I bet you know someone taller. What sets him apart from everyone else is his work in the weight room. This beast leg presses 1010 pounds, one arm shoulder presses so much he doesn’t have big enough dumbbells, does pull ups with 90 more pounds on him, and does crazy stuff with so much weight that I don’t even know how to word it. Go check him out here

So how do you make the NFL? you hit the weight room, and you work hard. You perform like your the best but work like your the worst.

Why do people work out if it hurts?

“The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to . . . conquer”-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Every time I work out, I hurt afterwards. I don’t injure myself because I have good technique, but working out shouldn’t feel good. I am literally tearing down my muscles hoping that they will get stronger. So why do I do it? Some people do it because they want to get jacked, some do it to impress people, others just want to be healthy. I do it because the pain I have to put myself through is worth it when in the end I’m better than the competition. I do it because my team is relying on me and I don’t want to let them down.

No doubt I want to be healthy and I want to look hot for the ladies, but being better than my competition outweighs all it. I want to win. I used to hate working out because it would make me feel like crap, but after I realized everything its done for me I haven’t missed a day.

To answer the question, the reason people still workout  even though it hurts is the drive to get better. I want to be the best at everything I do and I am always trying to achieve that. THAT is why I work out.

I work out so this. . . 




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